Changes in the trading environment have led to growth in global production networks. This has caused the supply chain structure to evolve leading to increased fragmentation and complexity in many companies as well as the global reach of agribusiness supply chains. The large number of actors involved, unpredictable inventory, and perishable food further increase the need for quality assurance and safety in relation to products and production processes as well as to ensure traceability and compatibility in food safety measures. The Internet of Things is now an increasingly popular trend. In addition, food safety is also currently a concern of the world community. Traceability is a risk management tool that allows business actors or authorities to respond to these needs. This has become a cornerstone of various countries in terms of food safety policies. We were the first to initiate Traceability On Farm and Off Farm for Konjac commodities. Traceability can help you implement a database on your land and all aspects of the supply chain. In this way, all information in the supply chain can be accessed easily only through your smart phone device.

Supply Chain Financing

is a working capital financing to business actors to develop their businesses. By using this method, the existing funding costs can be reduced by the presence of technology that can connect various parties in one transaction. Supply Chain Financing is a form of partnership with certain parties by providing special credit. This credit provision is expected to provide working capital for both buyers and suppliers or sellers. Another consideration that will be made in the provision of this capital is related to the chain relationship of our fostered supply. We can consult financing support through collaboration with BNI with the Specified Working Capital Scheme for Industries and Agriculture needs.

Stakeholders and Partnerships Offtaker

We are open to various possible collaboration opportunities. We are ready to mediate and discuss together to discuss the partnership opportunities you offer us and open up new profitable business opportunities. With our partners who function as Offtakers and Avalis, the business supply chain can be well maintained and maintained for better financial conditions. In addition, we also work closely with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry and various other Government Agencies to stay updated on the participation of government programs intended for farmers and industry.

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